Book Donation to UCLA


More than a decade after DDM’s previous Abbot President, Ven. Guo Dong, donated The Complete Works of Master Sheng Yen to the University of Southern California, DDM made a book donation to another well-known university in the region, UCLA. Arrangements were made after DDM Los Angeles Center’s Director Ven. Guo Jiann made several inquiries. On September 19, 2019, Ven. Yan Chan officially made the donation on behalf of DDM’s new Abbot President Guo Huei.

The Complete Works previously donated was a commemorative set, comprising 120 volumes in both Chinese and English. It is a full representation of Master Sheng Yen’s teachings throughout his life while spreading Buddhism. The donation this time included Master Sheng Yen’s Life Chronology (Eightieth Year), an essential work for understanding and research on the master. In over a million characters and six sections it offers a comprehensive and detailed listing of events in his life.

Other than The Life Chronology, seven books in English were donated: Footprints in the Snow, Hoof print of the Ox, Liberated in Stillness and Motion, The World of Chan, Chan and Enlightenment, Song of Mind, and Chan Comes West. Also donated were valuable video and sound recordings of Master Sheng Yen’s visits to Los Angeles, news clippings and photographs covering DDM events in the area, and other historical documents.

UCLA’s East Asian Library was represented at the book donation ceremony by librarian Dr. Hong Cheng, and DDM by Vens. Yan Chan, Guo-jiann, and Chang Yue.