Chan Workshop for Young People

Please join us for a unique workshop for young people. It will be held in Dharma Drum Retreat Center, a calm and peaceful place ideal for relaxation and meditation practice. In this workshop, you will have fun and connect with the like-minded community of young people and monastics. You will learn and practice Chan concepts and methods while sitting, walking, and daily living through lectures, workshops, group discussion and sharing.

This workshop is free of charge, in supporting you to begin and enhance your practice. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that you don't want to miss!

【Date】 7/7/2022 (Thu) - 7/12/2022 (Tue)
【Location】 Dharma Drum Retreat Center, Pine Bush , NY (DDRC)
【Eligibility】 Those ages 18-28 who are students or graduated in 2020 or 2021 are welcome.
【Deadline】 Apply by 6/15
【Fee】 Free. Donation is welcome and appreciated
【Application】 Click here

Space is limited, once you are accepted, we will send you the link for registration. For further information, please email

Key Mentors:

Venerable Guo Yuan is a Buddhist monk trained in Chan Buddhism, ordained in 1987. He studied Theravada Buddhism for a year in Thailand in 1991. For over twenty years, he accompanied Master Sheng Yen and served as translator in Chan meditation retreats. Fluent in Mandarin, Vietnamese, and English, he now leads Chan retreats in many countries around the world. He is currently the abbot of Dharma Drum Retreat Center.

Venerable Chang Ji served as the International Affairs Special Assistant to the late Chan Master Sheng Yen. As Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association’s representative in World Economic Forum, World Bank, as well as meetings on climate change. She is committed to teaching the tenets of contemplative action to young adults worldwide, and facilitates programs for young leaders in conflict and post-conflict areas.