Ten-Day Intensive Meditation Retreat
We welcome you to practice Chan meditation together with us amidst all activities of daily life; cultivating mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion. Chan practice will deepen your understanding of yourself, and help you learn to live more harmoniously with others. You will leave rejuvenated, equipped with the methods and concepts to bring the practice back home.
【Date】 10 Day Retreat: 12/23 (F) 1pm - 01/02 (M) 12pm
5 Day Retreat: 12/23 (F) 1pm - 12/28 (W) 12pm
【Note】 Registration is subject to review and approval by the venerable. Participants who have taken the Beginners Meditation Class and have participated in two-day or three -day meditation retreats will have the priority for getting accepted.
【Fee】 Suggested Donation : Five-Day Retreat $ 200; Ten-Day Retreat $ 400.
Free for volunteers of DDMLA and DDMSF centers



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