“Chan takes simple normal living as its basis, lessening afflictions as its purpose, being relaxed and at ease.  One does not regret the past; rather, one actively prepares for the future, moving steadily ahead while being fully in the present.  These are the benefits of practicing Chan.” 
“Liberated in Stillness and Motion” – Master Sheng Yen

Weekly EMD Meetings

In addition to events held in Mandarin Chinese, we also host weekly meditation and discussion sessions for our English-speaking community. We often refer to these as “EMD” (English-language Meditation and Discussion). Anyone interested in learning about Chan meditation or Chan Buddhism is welcome to participate.

We alternate book study and watching Great Dharma Drum videos, followed by discussion. The emphasis of the book study is getting a better understanding about Buddhist concepts and putting them into practice. The watching of Great Dharma Drum videos followed by discussion focuses more on the practical application of Buddhist concepts to daily life.

Zoom ID 700 865 116

We will have moving meditation and sitting meditation. After sitting meditation, we read a portion of a book or watch a short video of a talk from the founder of Dharma Drum Mountain, Master Sheng Yen. This is followed by an open discussion where all participants are welcome to share their thoughts and ask questions.

*Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to all meetings.



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