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DDM- LA Youth Workshop


Self Treasure: Tathagatagarbha

The Lotus Sutra (Saddharmapundarika Sutra)

Venerable Guo Kai provided a Dharma talk titled “The Lotus Sutra: The Power of Transformation” in February at DDM LA Chapter.


DDMLAC's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

An Update from DDMLAC Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Water and Land Dharma Service: Accomplished Through the Universal Offering, Zhangpu

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Abbot President Venerable Guo Huei’s Speech: "Five Blessings at the Door"

Photo Sharing
Venerable Guo Huei gave a speech on how an individual could pursue the states of truth, goodness, beauty, wisdom and belief through the powers of discovery, management, innovation, reasoning and faith.

Abbot President Venerable Guo-Huei’s Tea Gathering with DDMLAC Volunteers

Photo Sharing - Tea Gathering / Refuge-Taking Ceremony
As part of the new Abbot President's North America trip, Venerable Guo-Huei had a tea party with the LA center's volunteers, and took this opportunity to understand the center's history.


Book Donation to UCLA

More than a decade after DDM’s previous Abbot President, Ven. Guo Dong, donated The Complete Works of Master Sheng Yen to the University of Southern California, DDM made a book donation to another well-known university in the region, UCLA.

Up Coming Events

Due to COVID-19, all in-person events are cancelled until further notice. Please join our online meetings:

Saturday Night Dharma Talk by Gilbert Gutierrez

【Topic】 ”Development of Chan from the Beginning”
To learn the roots of Chan and the early teachings through to its classical period.

【Date】 11/7 - 12/12 (on Saturdays) PM 6-730 PST

【Zoom】 ID: 849 5390 8815. Passcode: 4388

Sunday Morning Zoom Meditation and Discussion

【Time】 10 am - 12 pm

【Zoom】 ID: 453020 4530


Monday through Thursday from 8:30pm to 9:00pm (PST)

Online Zoom Beginning Iyengar Yoga

Saturday 11/7-12/26 2:00-3:30PM
*No class on 11/28

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