Youth Chan Workshop Open House


The Youth Chan Workshop Open House invited 15 youth students (ages 13-17) and 10 college student volunteers on June 17 from 10 am - 2 pm, to participate in mindful activities together. There, the youth students received guidance on the college application process and shared their school experiences with others.

At the begining of the event, everyone engaged in peaceful sound meditation, using instruments such as Tibetan bowls and windchimes. They were encouraged to cultivate deep relaxation by listening to the sounds. Then, students were introduced the proper joining of palms, bow, and prostration procedure to Buddha. This was followed by a discussion about the meaning of Chan.

Next, the student volunteers facilitated a Q&A section to answer questions from the youth about advice for college applications, exam preparation, and more. Small discussion groups were formed to further assist the young students. This section ended with a couple of fun ice breaker games.

After lunch, students gathered to make bread. They were taught how to knead and roll the dough into shapes. While waiting for the bread to ferment, everyone joined and listened to the teaching from DDM’s former Abbot President Venerable Guo Dong from Taiwan. He offered advice about spreading compassion to others, controlling emotions, and improving family dynamics. To close off the event, everyone joined together in a relaxing tea meditation, reflected on the experience they'd had with the group, and enjoyed their freshly-made bread afterward.



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